Updating the editor – Interstellar Rift Development Update 060

This week we are bringing in a new set of stability fixes, as well as some much needed improvements to some already implemented systems. Beginning with the rift generators. We have implemented a means for you to search for the system you want to travel to. This should make finding your destination star system a bit easier. Note we are still looking at a route planner for the rift generator which will likely come in a later update.

Next, we have a revamp of the Ship editor UI. Since we started on IR, the editor has changed significantly and over the course of the past year we have added in features that the UI simply wasn’t built for and thus they have somewhat been bolted on. And has resulted in a somewhat disjointed editor where some obvious but necessary features were overlooked.

IR 2016-08-09 18-59-44-13

This new editor UI, while still incomplete, will leave room for us to further improve it and add new features without destroying the intended aesthetic. It will also work better on higher resolutions as the UI is fully scaleable.

IR 2016-08-09 19-01-51-37

This is the first step in a series of editor improvements we will be doing over several updates, where we will add new features and further streamline the design and workflow. And as with all our new features your input in this would be greatly appreciated!

In addition we have also made some significant stability fixes to both the client and servers which should result in overall better performance and and fewer crashes. While improving stability and performance is an ongoing process, we hope this update will be a significant step forward in making the game much more enjoyable to play, at least from a performance standpoint.

Also in an effort to better inform you guys we have added in an RSS reader in the menu which will always link to the latest patch notes and significant news about Interstellar Rift

Finally, we have also added some new props to decorate your ships with.

IR 2016-08-09 19-10-34-26

During the last patch we have introduced the use of a centralised feedback thread on the Steam forums to help us condense the feedback about a particular patch in one central location. And we feel that this was successful enough to keep it going. So if you have feedback you wish to convey please do so in the new patch 0.1.28 feedback thread located here:

Steam Forums

Thank you all for playing and if you want to stay up to date with all Interstellar Rift news you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook or you’re free to leave your thoughts on our forums! We hope you’ll enjoy this new update and we’ll see you starside!

– The Split Polygon Team